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Medical Tourism in Iran

There are two strands to the demand, medical tourism and health/wellness tourism. The existence of mineral fountains in many parts of the country, targets the latter market. Other markets include fertility treatment, stem cell treatment, dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and eye surgery. The key target market is the Gulf region, taking people who used to go to Europe or troubled local rivals such as Jordan. An increasing number of patients come from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and even India. Some come as the prices are lower than at home, some come for specialist care, and many come simply because they feel more culturally comfortable in Iran than in Europe or Asia.

Hair Transplantation (Follicular Transplantation) Surgery

Follicular transplantation offers hope to people who are experiencing hair loss, whether due to a scalp trauma, male pattern baldness or any other cause. Very small areas are excised from the back of the patient’s scalp, divided into even smaller micrografts and then transplanted to the target area. The procedure involves relatively little pain minimal recovery time for patients; usually only a couple of days. Since follicular transplantation is an elective cosmetic procedure, health insurance rarely covers this procedure. In order to save on what can be a very expensive procedure at home, many patients choose to travel abroad instead and saving a significant sum on the cost of their follicular transplantation procedure.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty or Nose Job)

One of the most common of all plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty, also known as cosmetic nose surgery or a “nose job,” can greatly enhance your appearance. Rhinoplasty can change the size of your nose, narrow the span of the nostrils, change the angle between your nose and your upper lip, and even give your nose a more pleasing shape. Rhinoplasty can also correct a birth defect or injury and help relieve breathing problems.

fertility treatment

In general, as a woman ages, especially after age 35, her chances of getting pregnant go down. But her risk of miscarriage goes up. If you are 35 or older, your doctor may recommend that you skip some of the steps younger couples usually take. That's because your chances of having a baby decrease with each passing year. It's important to understand that even if you are able to get pregnant, no treatment can guarantee a healthy baby. On the other hand, scientists in this field have made many advances that have helped millions of couples have babies.